Dear RSU #57 Community (Mustang Nation),

We hope that this update still finds you and your family well and finding positive adjustments in your family routines during this unprecedented time. As I write this, I never would have imagined that our lives could be so impacted by an invisible foe. It is becoming very apparent that the repercussions of this outbreak will continue to create challenges for all us for an unknown duration.

As the State looks to phase in conditions to open our economy, the safety concerns will continue to impact the decision many will make to access the resources they had become so accustomed to. Here at RSU 57 the conditions of opening up educational services to school based locations limits our ability to offer traditional end of the year activities and summer programming. Administration is preparing for these changes and have or will be in contact with families and students affected with the alternative programming and celebrations.  We ask that everyone help us adhere to the guidelines established for us, by following the conditions developed by the administration.

I have started to receive correspondence with questions regarding the plan for educational programs and services for the fall. As of right now, the reopening to a school based setting as we have known it is uncertain. The current conditions of distancing will bring many challenges to a school district to adhere to if schools were to be open with all students attending. Based on what we currently know, the administration is currently planning for three (3) options: (1) All schools open to site based learning, (2) Continued remote learning, and (3) a hybrid environment of both on-site and remote. As we become more aware of the guidelines or orders from the State and CDC, we will communicate our plans with you.  Parents can expect to be asked to participate in a survey that will solicit responses that will help us better prepare the district to support you.

We continue to thank you for your support and adjustments to the remote learning environment. Your support is very important to the success of the educational system.

School Nutrition

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) Benefit

Maine's Department of Health and Human Services has received approval from Food and Nutrition Services to partner with the Maine Department of Education to provide a Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefit to school-aged children who normally receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch at Maine schools. This benefit will help to replace the value of school meals while students are learning remotely. Families currently receiving SNAP or TANF and have a child aged five through eighteen will receive a P-EBT benefit on their Pine Tree card in May. Families who are not receiving SNAP or TANF and have a child who is eligible for free or reduced school lunch can request the P-EBT benefit by calling 1-855-797-4357. Some household information will be requested by a phone agent who will then verify eligibility with the Maine Department of Education. Families who have not yet been found eligible for free or reduced lunch can apply through their local school district at Separate P-EBT cards will be issued for eligible families who do not already have a Pine Tree card.


Meal Distribution Update/Changes

  • No meal service on Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day)

  • Bus Routes will resume on Tuesday, May 26th

  • Open Sites will resume on Wednesday, May 27th & Friday, May 29th

  • Current meal programs will continue for the week of June 8th-12th (open sites & bus routes).

  • If your children are in need of food and you cannot access the open sites or bus routes please call our office. (207)247-3221 x 2257

  • Updates will be coming about extending the summer meal distribution.

Appreciation Parades

Recently,  teachers and parents coordinated parades through to let students know how much they care and miss them. People decorated their vehicles with messages of hope, appreciation and well wishes. It has been amazing to see the level of participation and support for one another throughout the district. Below are links of recent parades. Enjoy!



Line Part 1 Part 2


Waterboro WES Parade Video


Summer Device Plan

The district will be collecting all devices (PK-12) in the first two weeks of June. Each school will have an individual plan for how the actual drop off will work at their location and will communicate that plan with you in the near future.

Here are some parts to the plans that will be the consistent district-wide:

  • Schools have coordinated the technology drop off to coincide with the pick up of any items your child had to leave in their school. These two events will occur simultaneously.

  • Device drop off will happen outside the school. Staff will direct you and come to your car to collect.

  • Please return both the device and charger.  Lost items will be noted.

  • Drop-off times will be between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm   

  • If you have children at multiple schools, you may drop them off at one location. (Ex: If you have a child at Line School and the high school, you will be able to drop both devices at Line School during the scheduled drop off time.  We will deliver the high school device to the high school.)

  • If you are unable to drop your device off at a school between the specified hours, please connect with your child’s school.

Device Drop-off Dates:

Seniors/Class of 2020 - June 4 and 5 


Grade 9 - June 8

Grade 10 - June 9

Grade 11 - June 12

Open Drop off (PK to 12) - June 15 

Middle School - June 8 and 9

Elementary (PK - 5) - June 10 and 11

Mobile Hotspots

The State of Maine has provided districts with a supply of mobile cellular hotspots for families that do not have access to the Internet.  The devices come with 6 months of paid service through either US Cellular or Verizon.  We received these devices at the end of last week and have worked on setting them up to sign out for use in homes without Internet or with only phone access to the Internet.

The down-side is that we only have two weeks of school remaining.  As much as we would like to push these out to give families in need this service for two weeks, we believe that you will be better served if we hold off until we reopen in the fall.  The 6 month activation period will begin when we reopen.

Another Resource

This is a reminder to go to Learning site to find hints, instructions, and lessons on using technology, specifically for using the apps and tools that students are asked to use.  

Don’t find what you need on the site?  Please send an email to .

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend,

Larry Malone