Hope everybody is staying healthy!

One of the requirements for participation in Massabesic athletics is to have each student-athlete complete a concussion baseline ImPACT test prior to a contact-practice/event. The reason for this test is to have a baseline of each athlete's "normal" neurocognitive function, which will be used in comparison with their test results after a suspected concussion to help identify any neurocognitive deficiencies due to a concussion. 

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, baseline testing will be completed at home this year. Please see attached letter that contains the instructions on how to complete the ImPACT test. Testing should be completed in a quiet, distraction-free environment to get valid and accurate results to prevent needing to re-take it.

At the high school level, ImPACT tests are valid for 2 years and are required for all incoming freshmen, any student new to athletics at MHS or a student that has a baseline that will expire within their allotted season. Each coach will have a list of the kids who need ImPACT testing based on the current RevTrak registrations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at emilynicholson@rsu57.org. Please have patience as this is a new process.

Thank you, 

Emily Nicholson, LAT, ATC
Athletic Trainer
SMHC Sports Performance Center
Massabesic High School