RSU #57 sends alerts to parents and students for many situations such as events, special days, approaching days off, and cancellations due to weather, to name a few. There are multiple ways to receive alerts. This page is meant to explain the different formats so that you can choose what is right for you. The positives and negatives for each format will be explained below to help you make your choice.



The RSU #57 alert system places phone call announcements to phone numbers in Synergy/ParentVUE. The phone numbers entered into our student information system for parents and staff are pulled into Synergy Alert. When a phone message is sent, it places both a call and a text.


A parent can add as many phone numbers as desired in the system, ensuring that you will see the message.


You must be a parent or staff to receive a call or text because contact information is pulled from our student information system.

Messaging rates do apply. If you do not want to be charged, please remove your numbers from alerts.

One alert will both call AND text. There is no way to choose a call OR text.

RSU #57 App


One selling feature of the new RSU #57 web pages is that they are accompanied by the alert system and an app. The app has many features that people have said to be very useful. When you set up the app, you are able to specify your preferences.


This is the best option if you would like to have only one subtle alert. The alert comes in as a phone notification in the same way that you get notifications from other apps.

You don’t get woken up when there is an early alert.

Anyone can receive alerts through the app. You do not have to be in our student information system.


You must have a smartphone to use the app.



Some alerts are accompanied by an email version of the information. Like phone numbers, email addresses are pulled from Synergy for both parents, students, and staff.


Emails are there to retrieve at your convenience.


Emails must be retrieved. If you work better with a notice that is pushed to your view without going to find it, you may want to also get a phone or app alert.

Not all alerts are accompanied by an email.

Staff must use the work email.

Staff can not opt out of the email alerts.


How do I make changes in how I receive alerts?  You control the app. It is your choice to install the app on your phone. You must complete the forms below to change your contact method for phone and email.

Change of Contact Information

Parents can enter any change information on the following form (Parent Alert Change Form). Please allow 2 business days for the change to be made.

Staff can enter changes on the following form (Staff Alert Change Form).