Switch with cables

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to hear from citizens to make them aware of your experience trying to bring broadband into your home.  

Many RSU 57 families are not able to access broadband because it would take a small fortune to bring a line to their home.  Other families were able to find service, but are very, very disappointed because the connection is seemingly "broadband" in name only.

We are looking at both long term and short term resolutions to the issue of connectivity.  Sharing your experience addresses the long-term problem, meaning we won't see immediate answers.  BUT, taking the few minutes to inform the FCC will inform our policy-makers and decision-makers where the holes in Internet coverage are.  

To help explain why it's important to participate in surveys, I'm linking a news story from the Lewiston Sun Journal that does a really good job laying out the 'whys' of the information that is being gathered. 

Please log on to https://consumercomplaints.fcc... to share your experience.