Stadium lights

Thank you to Janis Peterson for sharing this awesome news!

Massabesic Special Olympics staff and friends are thrilled to share that our special olympic athletes from the high school and middle school were able to participate in the 2023 winter  games held in Waterville at Quarry Rd Trails, this winter. On March 7th Kelsey O'Dell from MHS participated in the cross country ski event for the 25m and 50m race. She brought home a Gold medal for the 25m race and a silver medal for the 50m race in her division!The snowshoe event was held on March 9th and Kaylee Lurvey from MHS brought home a  4th place win in the 50m and a 5th place win in the 50m snow shoe races. MMS athletes Zane Fournier brought home a gold medal in division #1 for both the 50m and 100m race, Isaiah Bryant brought home a silver medal in division #1 for the 25m and a bronze medal in the 50m race. Eli Tarbox brought home a gold medal in division #2 for both the 50m and 100m races. We are so proud of our athletes! For Zane ,Eli and Isaiah this was their first opportunity to participate in the special olympic winter games. A special thanks goes out to the staff that work behind the scene to help train our athletes! Our family support was phenomenal with 20 family members joining us at the events to cheer all our athletes on!