Art and Science Teachers





Hazard Communication

(Global Harmonized System)

Art teachers need HazCom and science teachers need chemical hygiene training. Recommended that the lead chemistry teacher be the Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) for the school as hazardous chemicals are expected in these areas

Initially and when SDS specific chemicals change


Safety Data Sheet Use

General training on how to use the new on-line SDS system.

Initially and when SDS specific chemicals change


Bloodborne Pathogens

(Awareness Level)

Art and Science teachers need formal BBP training. Training is provided via an on-line training modular. Records of completion are maintained by the department supervisor.

Annual “Awareness Level” training required.


Emergency Evacuation

Evacuation drills (fire, shelter-in-place, lockdown, etc.) vary with the school type:

          High schools:               6

          Middle schools:            8

          Elementary schools:    10

The first two of the year must be fire evacuation drills and will occur within the first two weeks of school starting.



Fire Extinguisher

Should be trained in the use and purpose of fire extinguishers. Initial training should be about an hour, review training should be about 15-minutes.

Initial (1 hour) and annual review


Teacher Safety

Includes training on 1. Importance of Safety, 2. Slips, Trips & Falls, 3. Muscle Injuries, 4. Fire Safety, 5. Hazardous Communications is required of all school teachers.

Initial training


Laboratory Safety

Training required for all teachers working with potentially hazardous chemicals.

Initial training and when procedures change


Slips, Trips & Falls

General training on Slips, Trips and Falls is required of all school personnel.

Initial training