SIS/LMS Review

SIS/LMS Review

A district team representing teachers, secretaries, administrators, special education, and guidance counselors began work to review and recommend a student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS) for RSU 57 to use.  An SIS is used to hold, maintain, and use student and staff information.  Our current SIS is Infinite Campus.  An LMS manages the learning process including lesson design; communication between teacher, student and parent; designing and giving assessments; and maintaining grades.

This review is happening for varied reasons.  In two years, the State is moving from Infinite Campus as their SIS to a new system called EduPoint, triggering us to review IC.  We are also using this opportunity to review Educate/Empower, having now used it for five years. 

The team is developing a metric based on our district vision to use in evaluating SIS/LMS programs. The goal is to choose a system that best fits our district vision and can accurately and consistently reflect how we teach and how our students learn.  IC and Empower will both be considered but will be considered on an equal status as any other system that we review and assess.  Our timeline is to have two systems forwarded to Superintendent Malone by December break. 

The team consists of Larry Malone, Kevin Perkins (Chair), Cathy Poulin, Mark Mercier, Shawn Magaw, Susan Prince, Mary Jo Burcham, Tim Stinson, Sean Allaire, Mark Fisher, Leah Ceglowski, Lori Lodge, Kayla Schutte, Vicki Decker, and Melissa Roberts.  People were chosen because of the role that they play in the schools, the expertise that they have in IC or Empower (or both), and the fact that they have a penchant for sharing how they feel and what is on their mind.

We will keep you updated throughout the process through this website and the weekly tech updates.