Director Kevin Perkins
207-247-3141 x 2278
Location: MHS East
Empower Support
Duties: Director of Technology
 Ellen Morrison
207-247-3141 x2291
Location: MHS East
Duties: Infinite Campus, NWEA,
MLTI, MHS East and Shapleigh Support
 Joel Porter
207-247-3141 x2240
Location: MHS West
Duties: MHS West Support,
Special Education,
Network Administration, 
Server Administration
 Jeremy Angel
Location: MHS East
Duties: Google Administration,
Network Administration, 
Web Administration
 Kevin Harvey
207-247-6121 x3100
Location: MMS
Duties: MMS Support, MLTI
 Marc Jaro
207-247-3141 x2274
Location: MHS East
Duties: Alfred and Lyman Elem Support
 Vicki Decker
Location: MHS
Duties: Technology Integrator for MHS
 Charlie Cianciolo
Location: Alfred, Lyman and Special Education Integrator
Duties: Technology Integrator for Alfred, Lyman and Special Ed
 Richey Vickers
Location: Waterboro Elem and MMS
Duties: Technology Integrator for Waterboro and MMS
 Maggie Boemmels
Location: Line and Shapleigh
Duties: Technology Integrator for Line and Shapleigh
 Julian Thies
Location: MMS, Waterboro, and Line
Duties: MMS, Waterboro, and Line Support

iPad App Request Forms

Links for Elementary school

iPad News

Removed iPad Apps
The following apps will lock any high school or middle school iPad into an app such as Notes. You must come to the technology office to have it unlocked.

All apps with VPN (Virtual Private Network) in the title or description.
Puffin Free
Video for Kik Messenger
All apps meant to change eye color or appearance
Opera Mini
After School
High Pitch
High Frequency Noise
Dog Whistle
Whistle Sounds
Loud Sound
Annoying Noises
Sonic Attack Free

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