Estimated Last Day of School - June 23rd

Superintendent: Larry Malone
Phone: (207) 247-3221
Fax: (207) 247-3477

Office Phone: (207) 247-3221
Office Fax: (207) 247-3477
Office Hours: 8am - 4pm 
Vote on May 16, 2017
Registration Begins: 6:15pm
Meeting Begins : 7:00pm
Massabesic Middle School Cafeteria 

Pursuant to section 15915 of Title 20-A of the Maine Revised Statutes, Regional School Unit No. 57 (the “RSU”) requests qualifications from interested parties for energy conservation and/or combined energy conservation and air quality improvement project(s). The selected energy services company will enter into a preliminary agreement acceptable to the RSU for the development of the project(s), and will be responsible under an agreed performance contract for all aspects of the design and the work to complete the selected projects under a single contract. The contract will comply with all aspects of section 15915, including provision of performance guarantees. The selected firm must procure payment and performance bonds in the full amount of the contract. (READ MORE)